Grow Her Wild


Welcome to Grow Her Wild! A blog built around sisterhood and survival skills.

I’m Kelly; a mum, a wife, and a crazy about anything outdoorsy kinda lady and this is my space to chat about me growing wild and, who knows, maybe i’ll help to re-wild a few women (especially the managers of little people types) along the way, get them into the great outdoors, encourage them into the right side of outside of their comfort zones and release their inner awesome.

I first realised the powers of re-wilding and the importance of embracing adventure after having a pretty harsh pregnancy and labour, struggling with the want to get back to being me; when overcoming health struggles and battling with a lack of self-confidence left me feeling more than a little lost, i decided to really get lost and challenge myself in the open air…obviously taking my little sidekick along for the ride!

I’ll be sharing my experiences, offering up ideas to help you to rewild your everyday, making outdoorsy activities accessible and creating opportunities for us to adventure together.

Have a read through the blog, go follow our social media accounts and make sure that you sign up for the newsletter; ladies, its time to grow wild….