Finding your wild...

As interest in Grow her wild is spreading i’m being asked a lot about how someone could find their wild, after all, how can they be expected to re-wild themselves if they don’t know what they are looking for…my response; stop looking…

Grow Her Wild is asking you to turn the wifi connection off and just be, to put yourself (preferably) in the great outdoors with friends and family and just bloody switch off for a bit; yes, it really is that simple.

I feel like (especially as women) we’ve lost our survival instinct, our appreciation of things, and by things i don’t mean the latest celeb make up range or must have purse, i mean the really important stuff; each other and whats genuinely good for us.

Re-wilding (as i look at it) is about embracing the old to improve the new, its gathering with others to learn and talk and grow, it’s about taking on random tasks and challenges in an ultra safe and supportive environment, its no make-up and not caring, no hairdryer and running free; it’s about getting back to basics for the benefit of you.

I encourage you to eat wildly; whatever you need to nourish you, not too much but not too little. I encourage you to move wildly, step outside of the gym and work up a sweat in a new outdoorsy kind of way. I encourage you to live wildly; with a sense of adventure in your everyday, with comfort and gratitude, not monotony and presumption.

I have to admit that Grow Her Wild was born out of a time of uncertainty in my life, i’d lost all sense of me after having my daughter; who was i? I had to find a way to reconnect and that took me outside and back to my studies and that’s what i want to share. I cannot explain how good it feels to have more energy, more clarity and peace of mind, more determination and drive; i just have to show you instead.

Your journey into re-wilding is unique to you. You may want to start by going make-up free once a week or you may want to hike a hill and camp out…in the winter….you may want to clear out all of your skincare and replace it with all natural products or you may want to build a den, light a fire and run with wolves (is this possible?….asking for a friend..); it doesn’t matter where you start just start!!

As a busy business building mum myself i know how hard these things can appear at first glance but i assure you if i can re-wild myself then so can you!!…plus you have the added advantage of being able to learn from my mistakes!!

As a start you could do worse than to attend our Christmas Craft Spa. Come and join me in a cosy barn setting at the gorgeous Church House Guestwick for a mulled wine or hot chocolate in amongst the blankets, make some Christmas decorations from undergrowth offerings, collect a self-care Christmas calendar and take home some pamper products; check out our Facebook or Instagram for more info and to book your place - COMPETITION!! There’s a competition running on Instagram until 31st October to win TWO FREE TICKETS!!!



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