What is re-wilding?...

Different websites and people will have different opinions as too what re-wilding is, here at Grow Her Wild we look upon it as a way for females to use nature to nurture themselves in to or back to themselves.

We believe that messy play shouldn’t be just for the kids, that there is something so powerful about the great outdoors; that sense of space and freedom; the comfort in knowing that mother nature doesn’t judge.

Our experiences are about holding women’s hands as they step outside of their comfort zones and try new things, step up to challenges not faced in everyday life, and realise that not everything has to come with a wifi connection and be performed with textbook precision.

It’s about opening the eyes of the young, showing them that there is more to life than looks, that they are capable of so much more than they realise and that its ok to love mud as much as you do make-up.

In todays modern world it’s all too easy for the female of the species to lose touch with themselves and one another, nature, back to basics living skills, it’s too easy to be bogged down with what they’re wearing and how they look when they aren’t wearing it; and we thought its about time these thought patterns were re-wired…re-wilded…

We’re on a mission to offer up ideas around a more environmentally sustainable and stress free way of life, ideas around how to achieve a life with more moderation and sense of self, more adventure and confidence, less ‘likes’ and self-inflicted sabotage. We’ll address diet and exercise but not as you know it, skincare but not as you’re currently sold it and mindset; think barefoot with brutal honesty to get you where you want to be.

Everything we do and suggest will fit alongside and within your everyday; if you want to pack up your stuff and move into the forest then we’ll definitely come and visit but what we really want is to empower you to bring some simplicity to the city; re-wild your world for the better.

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Kelly BondComment