10 Ways to start re-wilding you today...

With today's daily pressures weighing heavily upon us the thought of adding a new 'thing' to the perfect life list is enough to make you roll your eyes (and that's putting it mildly) as you sprint after your nappy change escaping toddler feeling slightly guilty that they have fish fingers under the grill...again...but this; re-wilding, isn't about restrictions and rules or rare and stupidly expensive ingredients, self denial and some kind of missing out on all the fun stuff, it's actually all about making things easier, getting back to nature and ourselves via just a little bit of physical action and a whole lot of state of mind.

I'm here to prove to you that this re-wilding thing is easy to integrate into your real everyday life, that in can be of greater benefit than it is inconvenience causing and that it doesn't mean that you have to re-locate to a forest without all the fun stuff our world has to offer.

This blog offers up a few places to start, the basics; 10 things you can start to do right now to live just a little more wildly;

1. Spend time outside everyday

This is in the physical and mental sense. Step outside, even a walk round the block during your lunch break counts but if you can get further afield and actually in to nature then do, and detach. I'm asking you to go into the wilds, no phone (have it on silent at least) and just walk about, play, be active, suck in the fresh air and really switch off. If you have children take them with you, yes you won't be able to switch off quite as much but they'll totally love it and will lead the way with the play.

2. Step outside of your comfort zones (physically and mentally)

How are you ever going to grow, in any sense of the word, if you don't expand your boundaries? Try a new hobby or activity, study a new subject, go after a new job, whatever it is, however big or small, just do it!! You can't fail, just learn

3. Get back to the real you

Go shower and put on some fresh pj's or comfy clobber if this is your moment to get outside, make up free, hair undone, and just be. check in with yourself; are you happy? Does anything need to change in your world? How are you really feeling? Let it all sink in...and then make a plan to make changes where you need to.

4. Raise your eco-awareness

Take some pride in your world and notice the impact you're having on it. Reducing your reliance on single use plastic is a super easy place to start.

5. Think before you spend

How often are you buying things just because you think you should or for convenience? A lot of today's stress levels can be put down to finances (or lack of) and the whole 'keeping up with the Jones's' way of thinking; part of re-wilding yourself is to ease self-inflicted strains like this. Do you really need to make that purchase? Does the item in question bring real value to your world? Are you buying quantity over quality?

6. Go easy on yourself

Be nice to yourself, learn to hush up that inner critic, try to manage your time as mindfully as possible and prioritise those demands; give your headspace some space!! All too often we miss out on and under appreciate daily events because we are moving too quickly, too focused elsewhere and simply overloading ourselves.

7. Create space

We've touched on creating head space but i'd also like you to consider your home and/or work space. Reduce the clutter.

8. Ditch diets

Learn to trust your body and your detection of its' needs again; the only reason you diet is because somewhere, somehow along the way you've been told to; directly or subconsciously, when all you've actually got to do is ensure that you are eating to nourish yourself. Give your body the goodness it needs; you know that the stress caused by focusing negatively upon your appearance calls for the release of hormones into your being that will actually encourage weight gain right?....It's not a straight forward topic that is easily resolved but you can start to realise the power you have in maintaining your health.

9. Kick off your shoes

Go barefoot; preferably outside but indoors helps. Really ground yourself.

10. Re-wild your products

Become aware of the ingredients, production processes and packaging going in to everything that you use; skin care, hair care, cleaning products and house hold items can all be less than natural. As you need to replace things take a look to see if a more you and environmentally friendly alternative is available.

Does it all seem a little bit easier now? are you ready to go re-wild yourself? These 10 points are a really simple and straight forward start point for your journey, let me know how you get on!

Kelly BondComment