The benefits of being a wild woman

Why am i so bloody passionate about re-wilding woman?…about taking them outside and challenging comfort zones?…because i’ve learnt how powerful it can be.

These days we are all too easily run by routine. We are confined in our everyday; our careers, our homemaker roles, those around us, stuff; everything seems to reign us in, hold us back, even social media feeds us with an idea of how we should look and live and i don’t think this really works for us females, it certainly doesn’t bring out the best in us.

Embracing the outside world and challenging ourselves in it takes us back to nature, it strips away everything we use to fit in (think make-up and hair straighteners) and allows us to just be, to just think. We owe it to ourselves and our families (especially those little ladies we are moulding) to think more clearly, to feel more passionate, to appreciate what we are really capable of; to feel bloody awesome and unstoppable!!

Re-wilding is about exploring the outdoors and the unknown for the benefit of our headspace and whole health. Its about thinking a little more simply and embracing a back to basics approach when it comes to us; no we don’t have to give up because we can’t afford or participate in the latest created trend, we can go renegade, we can go real….

The way we exercise, our beauty regime and the way we create (think networking events and team building workshops) can all be improved with some wild, some nature, a breath of fresh air and (maybe) some mud.

So what do i think the benefits of being a wild woman are?

Improved physical health.

Improved mental health.

Improved sense of self.

Improved wellbeing.

Increased awareness of need to protect the environment.

Increased levels of creativity.

Improved self-confidence (particularly when trying new activities).

Improved skin/hair health (fresh air, sunlight and natural products are all of benefit and anti-aging).

Improved communication skills (e.g. via team building exercises or when talking to others in an outside environment).

I’m pretty sure that i’ve missed something, maybe several things off of here but i think you get the idea…get outside….go re-wild yourself.

Kelly BondComment