A wildly glamorous experience...

I was recently treated to a night away (for my birthday) by my husband in the outstanding Felbrigg Lodge and i thought it only my duty to tell you all about it.

We haven’t been away together, alone, in 18 months, since before the arrival of our daughter, so this was something kinda special (and an opportunity kindly created by the awesome baby sitting duo that are my dad and step-mum) and there’s always that little fear in the back of your mind when you randomly choose somewhere to stay from the inter web, without any prior recommendation, purely on the basis it’s local (we wanted to make the most of every possible moment), the pictures look cute and they had availability, that it could all be just a bit disappointing…but Felbrigg Lodge blew us away.

Firstly its super secretive yet not too remote location makes you feel like you’ve escaped to a woodland retreat (well, i guess we had) but with plenty of things of interest to visit nearby (should you actually want to go outside of the compound that is)….the beautiful hotel rooms and unique lodges (we can highly recommend The Oak Pavillion with what i think must be Norfolks biggest bath tub sunk into its floor, a king sized four poster and an open fire), the indoor swimming pool in the conservatory and the hot tub amongst the trees were more than enough to keep us on campus!

The restaurant really made it for me. I’m always a little anxious going out in the evening; what to wear being my main area of concern, i tend to spend my days in jeans or dungers and outdoorsy apparel that you really wouldn’t want sat opposite you for a night out or, more importantly a romantic meal; but with the help of ASOS and the Felbrigg lodge factor even i nailed it!! They have all guests meet at the same time in a conservatory attached to the main restaurant; drinks and canapes are served, your orders are taken and when everyones meals are ready you are led through to your table. There’s enough space but not too much (if that makes sense) and its decorated tastefully but not distractingly, the food was simple, unpretentious and scrummy; it’s ALL bang on in my books.

For me Felbrigg Lodge have hit a nail on the head; a perfect blend of wildness, outdoorsyness in woodland and pampering (there’s even a spa treatment lodge should you fancy a massage) and they will definitely be getting a repeat visit from us.

Kelly BondComment