Grow wild and skinny dip

In case you hadn’t noticed I have a thing for the great outdoors but Grow Her Wild is about so much more than hikes and camping and being able to fend for your self in the wilds; it’s also about challenging your perception of you, its about changing our headspace for the better, its about growing wild in more ways than one.

I got real tired of holding back and of not living the life i wanted for fear of what other people would think or say, we’ve all been there right? standing at the centre-point of someones conversation and ,whether they know you or not, suddenly everyones got an opinion…i think it’s about time we got over that.

I think we all deserve to genuinely think more highly of ourselves, i think we all deserve to live out loud and i definitely think we all deserve to chase our own kind of dream.

Growing wildly in yourself means working towards a freer way of thinking and handling yourself, of being equally as super confident in your best evening frock as you are in your hiking boots and your birthday suit; it’s about not giving a fuck what anyone else is pondering about you, in fact its blowing them a kiss as you cruise on by all casual.

I’m going to be chatting a whole lot more about this in the future and offering up tips and techniques that have worked for me, that i’ve studied professionally and personally, that have helped me to overcome fed up’ness and find my path, that have helped me overcome deep set self-esteem issues and instead go comfortably skinny dipping but for now here’s a hug, here’s an ‘i see you’, and here’s to us all growing wildly together.



Kelly BondComment