Why i believe mums should grow wild

…because i’m a mum growing wildly….

See after a pretty shitty pregnancy that nearly killed me and not being able to return to my usual past times (e.g. snowboarding, wake boarding, triathlon, bodybuilding, crossfit, racing stand up paddle boards…amongst other things…) because of afore mentioned health issues and a lack of time and opportunities (my husband works away…a lot…) i was feeling kinda low.

who the feck was i anymore?

I was going crazy not feeling like me; i didn’t feel as physically fit or able as i once did, my body looked different, my headspace was a fuddle…i desperately wanted to be me again, a more mummed up version of course, but me non the less.

I realised that i was being a bit defeatist, that i was going about things all wrong; i was feeling a sense of loss for my old self and abilities rather than stopping to notice what i could be getting on with. Most of my previous favourite past times were based outside and allowed me to challenge myself and progress, all i needed to do was replicate this set up in an accessible way, so i did.

I walked in woodlands and on beachs, i read and watched information on survival skills and attended bushcraft courses. I started to exercise outside; in our garden at home and in parks. I discovered local trails….and it was all possible whilst mumming.

I lost my baby weight, i started to feel strong and able (in body and mind) again and realised that the only thing missing was a tribe, a fellow mum gang, to get wild with; and so i started Grow Her Wild to create my own.

I want more mums and health professionals to realise the benefits of being outside, the health improvements an impromptu camping trip could cause. I want women to feel as confident in the forest as they do in Starbucks (other high street coffee stores with plenty of room for buggy manoeuvring and adequate baby changing facilities are available). I want mums to reconnect with themselves, each other and nature to encourage nurturing of them back to them…if forest schools, outdoor play and everyday adventures are good for our kids why are they overlooked as good for us?

I believe mums should grow wild because it’s free (depending on what you’re doing), it’s beneficial and it’s about time we encouraged it…so there….

If you agree or you have any ideas/feedback please do pipe up/message/comment and, if you know any mums, please share this post or website so that they can find their tribe.

Kelly BondComment