Me V Bear

It’s been well over a week now since i returned from my long weekend at The Bear Grylls Survival Academy and the first part of my instructor training; i’m just about clean, i’m still with bruises and i, as yet, haven’t stopped smiling.

You may, or may not, know that i’m on a mission to become a Bear Grylls Survival Academy instructor, i want to turn my love of the great outdoors, challenging myself, motivating others and adventure into a career and they’ve given me a way forwards…and a battering….and i loved it…

I was super nervous about things before hand; usual shit of self-bashing, would i be good enough, would i fit in, would i be too weak (mentally or physically), yada, yada, yada; i really needn’t have bothered with such nastiness; i’ve totally found my tribe.

We arrived Friday morning for registration and i don’t actually remember stopping until i climbed back in the car Sunday afternoon. We (all 10 of us) slept in a shelter we built and sat around crackling fires we created, we whittled wood, foraged and learnt different types of trapping techniques, we skinned and prepared rabbit and pheasant, climbed, abseiled, hiked and orienteered through the woods overnight, tied a fare few knots, ran with 45L rucksack’s full of our only belongings…through water….whilst having smoke grenades thrown at us…we endured early morning PT sessions and came face to face with wild boar…made professional presentations and polished off plates of bush tucker challenge cuisine …it was all i expected and more.

I struggled physically on the last day during a workout in the woods (running through woodland with your kit bag, a la running water with a few submerged press ups and crunches thrown in for fun) due to my pregnancy induced but still lingering blood clot issues but was proud to complete all that was asked, albeit a tad slower than id have liked and with some tears of undiluted frustration; but we all need something to work on right?..

What really made the whole thing so special was the group itself; 2 girls in 10 didn’t matter, language barriers didn’t matter, previous experience didn’t matter…it really was team work at its most awesome. Everyone brought something to the table, everyone was keen to learn and offer up advice, support one another, get each other through the bits that roused the fear of god in us; it must be kinda moving to see members of the public, families, fuse and experience so much together, i’m totally looking forward to that bit.

Anyway, I’m seriously happy to say that i’m now through to the next round and will be working my arse off, flexing my survival skills out loud and definitely sharing my journey with you all as i practice, practice, practice to pass…here’s to mums going back to work…wildly….

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