Why A mum mindset matters in the wild...

As you may, or may not, know later this week i’m heading off to the Bear Grylls Survival Academy to start my training to become one of their outdoor adventure instructors; yep, what else would a 38 year old stay at home mum be doing?…

Now don’t get me wrong here, i’m super excited and super stoked to be attending and moving (hopefully) into a new career but i’ve also been majorly freaking out, wondering how the hell i’m going switch off my mumness and somehow switch on my toughness and then it was kindly pointed out to me that i actually need to do the exact opposite; my mum mindset is my super power in the great outdoors.

Our headspace as leaders of little ones is a ready for anything constantly switched on bit of kit which could be very useful in a challenging situation, it’s equipped to entertain, preserve life and observe all at once; we are the ultimate warrior’esque women!!

Us motherly beings are used to mucking in and pulling through, we’re not afraid to listen to our intuition and we harbour outstanding negotiation skills (there can’t be that much difference between separating toddlers fighting over toys and talking someone into abseiling over a cliff can there?…). We are powerful beings that need to cut ourselves some slack, we need to remember how far we’ve come and what we’re capable of (creating a camp out of whatever we find is a very sought after skill by kids and hikers alike) and celebrate our strengths.

Why do we have a tendency to describe ourselves as ‘just a mum’?

Why do we all have a smudge of imposter syndrome about us?

Why is being a mum so often seen as a chaotic stressed out kinda role when actually we’re the most shit together beings on the planet?

I’m going out there, way outside in the world and of my comfort zone, to learn, to discover a bit more about me, to hopefully inspire more mums to step into nature and to grow…wildly….mindset and all.

Kelly BondComment