Taking work on the wild side...

So part of my great outdoorsy dream has been to create a career a little less desk bound; so i’m healthier, happier and still able to mum the max…and this week; i think i took the first step!

Through a random turn of events (read: me being inpatient with where i’m at and attempting to organise things i possibly shouldn’t), i met with the lovely people of www.walkandglamp.co.uk and walked away with my first post-mum becoming job; yes, i’m officially a Tent Elf.

Margins Walk & Glamp help you to have an amazing walking holiday along the stunning Norfolk coast; you walk between campsites without a care in the world knowing that when you arrive at your next overnight stop there will be a super sturdy yet glamptastically presented Oz Tent waiting for you (seriously, you have to check out their website to fully appreciate their super cosy set ups www.walkandglamp.co.uk ). when you get up and set off the next day, just as you wander off towards the horizon, there’ll be a rustle in the undergrowth and who should appear but…me!!!….to take down your tent and move it (along with your luggage) on to your next check point; now hows that for service?!?

Having had a couple of days on the new job over the bank holiday weekend i can safely say that i bloody love it!! The being outside, the sense of team work and achievement, the making of someones, a families, glamping dreams, it’s a real can’t contain my grin and wanna hug everyone kinda feels inducing role. It’s not easy, we’re out in the elements trying to put (new to me) tents up, only this last week we were faced with sun, rain, hail and wind, then there’s the logistics of it all, the transportation of kit and tent elves (yes, it does actually have that title on my employment contract), there’s the awaiting the arrival of guests which, as you can imagine, is not an exact science….its ensuring everything is in its place, every essential is available, and, most importantly, its the making it seem effortless to the fun stay seeking customer.

I feel super lucky to have been given this opportunity, it might not suit some but it definitely suits me, and i’ll obviously be sharing some memoirs of my escapades with you all but, for now, take away the notion that anything really is possible, its never too late to take new path and make stuff happen, it’s never too late to reshape your world and come back from your darker days; if i can land my dream job and become a tent elf then you my dear are totally unstoppable.



p.s This past week i also launched a new freelance blog writing service so if you’re in need of content (particularly if you’re in the outdoorsy/travel/health/fitness/wellbeing arena) please feel free to get in touch!!

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